About Us

As Dede Makine; We have been serving for 30 years with filling machines for food, cosmetics, paint, chemical and pharmaceutical industries (liquid filling machine, honey filling machine, etc.), lid closing machines, labeling machines and their complementary units. Our machines are robust, high quality, high performance, long lasting and comfortable for users, making our company a preferred brand for both indoor and outdoor markets. Our company which combines our experience of a quarter century with the products of the latest technology and international brands, is one of the biggest company in its sector because of being a reliable solution partner with customer satisfaction oriented expert staff.


  • By combining our experience and knowledge with the technologies of the times, we offer you the best and most appropriate solutions.
  • In the machine design phase;simplicity, functionality and ease of use is the most important target for our company.
  • We produce high-quality, robust and high performance machines in CE standards and we use international brands products in our production.
  • At the delivery of our machines, with a guarantee period of 2 years as stipulated by T.C.Sanayi and Ministry of Commerce, we provide usage book, electricity and air schemes, spare parts list.
  • After sales, if necessary, we provide all kinds of spare parts and technical support, with our expert technical service team in the shortest time .