Automatic Labeling Machine

Product Description:

Our labeling machines use self-adhesive roll labels to label partially or wrapped the desired package.

* Top surface labeling machine,
* Wrap type labeling machine,
* Front / back face labeling machine,

Machine Dimensions : Height : 1200 mm Width : 900 mm Height : 2200 mm
Machine Weight : ~ 150Kg
Power : 380 V  50 Hz 
Control Voltage : 24 V
Total Energy Consumption : Electricity : 0.37 Kw
Operating Level : ~ 30 dB (A )

Auto Labeling Machine Features

Servo motor is used in our labeling machines where the highest efficiency is obtained with the advanced technology. These machines that work without the need of a technical staff have a very practical use.

  • The chassis and body are made of stainless steel
  • The system is controlled by PLC (microprocessor)
  • Settings are made from the touch screen
  • Servo motor is much more efficient than other motors
  • Bottle / label change time: maximum 5 minutes
  • Makes labeling with high precision
  • There is no need for parts change in packaging changes
  • All adjustments are done manually
  • It's easy to set different label size
  • Missing tag disposal system is available at the roll
  • It is easily used on the transparent label
  • All motors are independent and each of them have adjustable speed