Automatic Lid Closure Machines

Product Description:

Our Automatic Closing machines are used to close the covers of filled packagings by snapping, screwing or tapping according to their specifications. The lids in different sizes and models do not draw or deform the heads.

These machines, which are produced according to the food regulations in CE standards, are produced in different systems and specially according to the desired capacity and the model of the covers.

Machine Dimensions : Height : 1150 mm Width : 900 mm Height : 1850 mm
Machine Weight : :~ 150 – 200 Kg
Energy : Compressed Air + 380V 50 Hz
Control Voltage : 24 V
Working Pressure : 6 Bar ( Atu )
Total Energy Consumption : Compressed Air : 300 lt / min
Working Temperature : 4 C° – 80 C°
Operating Sound Level : ~ 170 dB (A )
Operating Systems : Pneumatic / Servo Motor

Machine Formation and Materials Used

Our machines are manufactured in accordance with food regulations. All the parts we use are the latest system and high-tech products from companies around the world.

The mechanical parts are machined in automatic CNC machines and standardization and sensitivity are provided in this respect.