For over 30 years, We have been serving (with our 1500 machines) to many valuable users (both domestic and abroad), from small businesses operating in different fields, to medium sized organizations and giant corporations. We are always there for you with our wide range of machine tools such as filling machines (liquid filling machine, honey filling machine, etc.) manufactured by DEDE MACHINERY , labeling machine, lid closing machines, bottle cleaning machines and complementary products.

Our machines; are used in the filling, lid clossing (closure) or labeling of materials used in the following different sectors.

Food Industry: Honey, Jam, Paste, Marmalade, Tahini, Molasses, Boza, Chocolate Cream, Hazelnut Cream, Glucose, Cake and Food Sauce, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Pepper Rust, Figs, Cream, Olive Paste, Ketchup, Yoghurt, Cream, Milk, Buttermilk, Kefir, Pepper Peas, Sauce, Olive Oil, Olive Pomace, Pomegranate Sour, Flower Oil, Fruit Juice, Fruit Concentrate, Thyme Water, Lemon Water and Sauce.

Cosmetics Industry: Mascara, Nail Polish, Facial Mask, Sun Oil, Acetone, Aroma Therapy Oils, Herbal Products, Mascara, Nail Polish, Lip Gloss, Hand Cream, Hair Cream, Hair Dye, Paraffin, Mud, Tanning Cream, Oil, Massage Oils, Cologne, Perfume, Body Lotion, Shaving Colony, Essence, Liquid Dish, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Liquid Soap Gel and Cream Soap, Body Foam.

Chemical Industry: Adhesive, Marble Glue, Silicone, Epoxy, Chemical Anchor, Grease Oil Agrochemical, Liquid Fertilizer, Mineral Oil, Fuel, Liquid Shoe Coating, Cellulosic and Synthetic Thinner, Additives, Auto Chemicals, Antifreeze, Auto Shampoos, Auto Polishing, Ink.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Medical Shampoos and Solutions, Syrups, Veterinary Products, Hygienic Products, Glycerin, Biomedical and Health Products, Ointment, Disinfectant, Pomat, Lotion, Condensed Syrups.

Paint Industry: Cellulosic Synthetic or Water Based Paints, Liquid and Cream Shoe Paint, Shoe Polish, Varnish, Thinner, Linseed oil.