Semi Automatic Closed Filling Machines

Product Description:

Our semiautomatic closing filling machines are used to fill all liquid, semi-viscous and viscous products in all types of glass, tin and plastic based packages and to close their covers. Manufactured in conformity with food regulations in CE standards, these machines save time, space and personnel. Its simple and functional design makes it easy to use, clean and adjust the machine. These machines draw the product from their manufacturing or standby tank with their own vacuum, so no intermediate tank is required.

Machine Dimensions : Height : 750 mm Width : 700 mm Height : 1600 mm
Machine Weight : :~ 150Kg
Energy : Compressed Air
Working Pressure : 6 Bar ( Atu )
Total Energy Consumption : Compressed Air : 350 lt / dk
Working Temperature : 4 C° – 80 C°
Operating Level : ~ 90 dB (A )
Product Suction Dimension : 1’’
Fillable Weight : Min : 50ml Max : 1000 ml
Min : 250ml Max : 5000 ml
Number of Filled Nozzles : 1 Unit
Closing Head Qty : 1 Unit
Filling Shape : Volumetric (Volumetric)
Closing Shape : Screwing, Scouring or Plastering
Online : Pneumatic
Filling Accuracy : ± % 0.5 ml
Capacity / Productivity :

Together with Changing Product Characteristics
Average 500 pcs / hour

Machine Formation and Materials Used

Our machines are manufactured in accordance with food regulations. All the parts we use are the latest system and high-tech products from companies around the world. The mechanical parts are machined in automatic CNC machines and standardization and sensitivity are provided in this respect.


Easy to operate and use, no qualified staff needed

  • Has an ergonomic and functional design
  • There is no fire hazard when working with air
  • Fills quickly and precisely
  • It does not draw or deform when closing the lids.
  • Filling and waiting time can be precisely adjusted
  • Torque adjustable closuring
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy
  • Materials are completely manufactured suitable for food regulations
  • All settings are done without using a hand tool
  • Even if the product is filled by mistake, the product does not flow to the floor,
  • Since the nozzles are closed from the extreme end, there is absolutely no dripping
  • Closed circuit system, hygienic filling
  • It takes no more than 3 min to pass from one weight to the other
  • Gramaj göstergelidir ,değişik gramajlara ayar yaparken zayiat olmaz
  • The weight is indicative, there will be no casualties when adjusting to different weights
  • Wheeled, easily pulled at any time